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Summer 2015 Reviews are in for each show thus far.

A Tension To Detail: Raise The Hammer, Hamilton Today, Monkey Biz, DART Critics (spoilers), Raise The Hammer 2 (spoilers)

Attention Seeker: Montreal Rampage

Let’s Start A Country!  NOW Magazine, Mooney On Theatre

While we wait for something else to happen, here’s a story

I do stuff like that in the UK and Canada most often. This summer I will be available for viewing at these exciting locations:

Toronto, ON May 22

Montreal, QC June 12 – 22

Toronto, ON July 1 – 12

Hamilton, ON July 16 – 26

Saskatoon, SK July 30 – Aug 8

North Bay, ON Aug 11 – 15

St John, NB Aug 18 – 23

Halifax, NS Sep 3 – 13

with one more Canadian Fringe and one far corner of a foreign field Fringe to be announced

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