Soulo in Toronto

I am performing a solo show in Toronto on May 22nd as part of the Soulo Festival 2015 line-up. The show is entitled A Tension To Detail and is a complete retitling of Verbal Diarrhea, Actual Diarrhea because, on reflection, that name was shit. Anyway, come see the show because it is not shit and I can prove it (but only if you come to the show)

Banff Centre

Due to a massive clerical error that I made no effort to correct, I was invited to participate in the Banff Arts Centre's Spoken Word programme for 2015, so I accepted the invitation and duly showed up. Maybe it's not the done thing to speak from the heart but I thought it was fucking brilliant. Thanks to everyone involved, particularly Uncle and Aunty Moneybags, the kindly anonymous donors who effectively paid for my participation



I performed at Balham's TenX9 ,  Brixton's Spark and  Camden's Natural Born Storytellers  in February. Thank you to all the friends and family who came out to see me, I will be back for more when I am back for more 


Thanks to Mira and all at Wiretap for sticking me on with this story I originally told at Confabulation in Montreal earlier this year. The full story, 6 minutes too long and complete with profanity and a satisfying mental meltdown is below

My past Wiretap appearances
Patent Pending
A Matter of Taste
What's next: I'm performing at Yarn! Storytelling, playing Milton in David Ives' Words Words Words and maybe more uncomfortable public therapy at Confabulation 'Tell The Family IV'. I'm also most affirmedly taking one or another or perhaps another show to Montreal Fringe 2015, Toronto Fringe 2015, Saskatoon Fringe 2015 and Regina Fringe 2015 with more to follow

New Story

Another Confabulation, another sibilant ramble through past misdeeds. Now with added libel!

Press from M&A

Le Devoir & Montreal Gazette

I’m rehearsing a piece at the SBC Gallery in Montreal for the Swedish artist collective Goldin+Senneby as part of the Montreal Biennale. It starts September 27 and runs to November 22 but all of this is contingent upon the efficacy of a computer algorithm executing a trading strategy on the Mergers & Acquisitions market. So hurry up.


If you’d like to see the show then bring me to your town and I’ll do it for you live (special price etc). If you want to watch it online right now, there’s a secret link to it I can send you. Either way, get in touch below…

Bit spoilery but a tight, insightful review nonetheless: Harris’s show, which is very funny and smart, is also a kind of human sacrifice.
A review of my personality from Plank Magazine: Verbal Diarrhea, Actual Diarrhea - Delightful to Hang Out With 

4 Stars/Spoilers in the Edmonton Journal: He’s prone to self-deprecation, philosophical ruminations, and descriptions that might make the more sensitive audience members wince — which is why you definitely should go see him.
4 Stars in the Edmonton Vue: Harris brings an impulsive and frenetic energy to the stage. The audience doesn’t have a chance to get bored 

0 or 5 stars in the Capilano Courier - it's difficult to tell:
First Night, First Review: I learned much about how to weave a narrative from the heart of a true storyteller with a rawness that goes largely unseen. Believe it or not, this is a Fringe performance you can definitely take a date to...


My smoothest story yet

Think you can take a whole hour of this? If you're in the relevant bits of Canada this August and September you can find out for sure because I'll be doing a show called "Verbal Diarrhea, Actual Diarrhea, Heartbreak and Disorder" at the following fine Fringe Festivals:



There are Facebook event pages for the show at each of these festivals that you are welcome to join and invite good people to if that's your sort of thing.

pei poster for fbvan poster for fbed poster for fb









Let’s Start A Country!

 Lets-Start-a-CountryLSAC_Communist_8x11country zoofest poster

I wrote this show with Asaf Gerchak a few years ago and have performed it with him and a long list of fine people, most of whom are  Meghan Deere and Shane Adamczak and Holly Gauthier-Frankel and Al LaFrance and Tim Fletcher and Olivier Corbeil and Karl Werleman and Stephen Trepanier and Heidi Hawkins-Jeanotte and Lucy Segal and Robin Henderson and Julia Borsellino and Sophie Croteau and Christopher Durning

It played at the Montreal Fringe Festival 2012, The Mainline Theatre in 2013 and Just For Laugh’s Zoofest 2013. It is very much available for another remount

Reach out and touch me: gerardharris at gmail dot com